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Electric Wax Warmer and Free Wax Melt

Electric Wax Warmer and Free Wax Melt

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Elevate the ambiance of your living space with our Electric Colour Changing Wax Warmer! 

You have the option to pause the colour-changing function, allowing the warmer to stay on one colour of your choice. This way, you can perfectly match the ambiance to your mood or existing interior décor.

The wax warmers include a complimentary wax melt in every package. Our  scents range from designer fragrances or fresh and fruity to warm vanilla and many more, ensuring you have the perfect wax melt to complement your desired atmosphere. Select your free wax melt pack here 

Operating our wax warmer is a breeze. Simply plug it in, add the wax melt to the top dish, and let the magic unfold. Cleaning is also hassle-free – once the wax cools down, it can be easily removed, leaving the dish ready for your next wax melt adventure.

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